Antiques that tell stories.

Welcome to Hermitage Road Antiques

An extraordinary mix of antiques & collectibles, furniture & homewares, china & glass, books & gifts, features in this amazing shop specialising in a broad range of quality products sourced from around the world (and around the corner) with an emphasis on Quality, Value, Authenticity and Craftsmanship.

Marine antiques and Shipping Memorabilia, from engine room to bridge. Railway & engineering products, tools and more.

A large shop, over 8,000 square feet — Not quite packed to the rafters, but we’re getting there. At least 4,000 products for sale. From the Mid-18th Century to the late 1960’s, with a bit of Tat, bric-a-brac and second hand/recycled building materials thrown in.

We welcome questions & inquiries, so don’t hesitate to phone, email, or just come in and ask.

Singleton tourism called it “a great source of treasure”, and one no-nonsense local describes it as “a bloody great shed full of fantastic stuff”. We also guarantee this place is not just about Antiques and big bucks, you can have a good time in here and get change out of $50.00. So if you fancy a day out in the Hunter Valley; Drive in, park at the front door, and check us out. Just Looking? That’s fine, you’re welcome. As a matter of fact, it’s better than fine, and you’re more than welcome.

Latest from the Shed

Scales, Toledo

Butcher Shop around 1940. Enamel over Cast Iron, Good Working Order

Not a buyer? You can hire.

Every piece here has a story to tell and a charm to share, and you shouldn’t have to buy a one-off piece like Frank over there just to enjoy it.

That’s why (basically) everything you lay your eyes on in our shop is available for hire. This let’s you to bring a piece of history into your life for as long or as short a period as you desire. Whether it’s for a special event, a film set, a photo shoot, or simply to adorn your living space temporarily, our antiques provide an unparalleled aesthetic and start countless conversations.

What you see on our website is just the beginning, a glimpse into the vast array of treasures we’ve pieced together over the years. Our collection is constantly evolving, with new and intriguing pieces added regularly.

Already got the perfect piece? Let us restore it for you.

We don’t just preserve history, we breathe new life into it with our expert restoration services. Nestled within our sprawling 8,000-square-foot wonderland of antiques and treasures lies our full-scale workshop, a hub of rejuvenation where the old is transformed into the magnificent.

Specializing in Australian recycled hardwoods and the illustrious Kauri pine, our workshop is a showcase of craftsmanship and dedication. While our website offers a glimpse into this world, it’s the tangible touch of restored artifacts that truly tells our story.

We believe in reviving the charm of pieces, without diminishing their historical essence. Genuine antiques are treated with the utmost respect, receiving only a gentle and careful clean, preserving their authentic aura.