A large focus is on restoration, with full workshop facilities on-site, and Australian recycled hardwoods and Kauri pine featured throughout. Our workshop is well covered in this web site and if a product is workable and there is some quality and value to be gained, there is not much we won’t take on, however restoring Genuine Antiques is rarely a good idea. A light and delicate clean is as far as we go. There are exceptions, contact us if you want advice.

Our Repair & Restoration is focused on furniture and many other quality products including industrial, that dates from around the late 1920’s that has seen better days. In most cases due to the original quality & craftsmanship of these early products, whether made from Wood, Cast-iron, Steel or Aluminium, the end result is a far superior product to anything similar you can buy new in the market place today. This we Guarantee.

Cast iron, steel, brass, copper, aluminium and silverplate is cleaned, machined, polished, buffed and hand finished extending the product range to fuel stoves, fireplaces and grates, lamps, lights, fixtures & fittings, hardware, cookware and tableware, instruments, cutlery, machines, tools and much, much more….

The photos displayed here are to give you a general idea of the workshop and the repair and restorations we can do. For example the Southern Cross Pump is shown here on the bench, prior to restoration, if you go to our Photo Gallery Page you will see the pump finished and in the showroom. Same goes for The Younger No.2 Fuel Stove. Should you be interested in our restored products we welcome questions, so don’t hesitate to phone or email.

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