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Manufacture HRA Workshop

2 Seater, About 70 years of Paint, cut back and finished.
Kauri Pine, Cast Iron, Steel, Copper.
All Hand Made a Classic little Seat

Coffee Table. HRA Workshop

Hand Finished Fijian Kauri Pine Top.
Metters Cast Iron Enameled Legs.
Original Steel Link, 2 Coats of Disk Brake Red

Fuel Stove

Made in Newcastle around 1920.
Restored and Tested by us 2018.
Apart from some damage to the
Enameled front, its as good today
as it was when it left the foundry
100 Years Ago

Antique Kauri Pine Work Bench

An exceptional Work/Kitchen Bench. Repaired,
Restored & Hand Finished. It is the Best Work
Bench we have ever Restored